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I have been in love with music since I was a child. In my earlier years I indulged in the joy of playing many different instruments. I immersed myself musically both in school and out. At a very young age I decided I would dedicate my life to a career in music, no matter what obstacles I encountered.
In 1997 as a young high schooler I took my first step by interning at a small jingles studio called Red House Music. While working there I had an opportunity to assist in writing that years team song for the New Jersey Nets.  Initially I was included solely to provide a 'youthful perspective' for the older staff writers, who were commissioned to write a young/current-sounding hip hop track. In the end I wrote and produced all the music and lyrics myself.  I was promoted to assistant engineer and continued to work their for the remainder of the year, working on several projects for large brands (i.e. Coca Cola, Toyota, NBC, etc.)
The following year I landed an internship at the famous D&D recording studio where I learned more than I could have dreamed regarding recording and production in the mainstream music world. I was able to sit in on sessions with some of Hip Hops biggest legends and was present during the creation of some of the most classic Hip Hop albums of the 90's.  I worked there until I decided to go to college to further my knowledge and passion for music.
In 2003 I graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory where I designed an interdisciplinary double major, combining composition, music theory, music technology, and sound design.
After graduation I moved to San Francisco where I worked at several studios.  By day I was a recording/mixing engineer, a synth programmer, and producer for various local artists and bands. By night, I was a DJ with a modest following and fatigued ears. I continued to DJ all over the country for the next few years. Through a life built around music, I could fully immerse myself in pop and indie music culture.
In 2007, I began writing music for several CBS television programs including (CSI, NCIS, and others).  Also during this time I began freelance composing and arranging jingles for nationally televised commercials.
In 2013 I moved back to New York, and began remixing songs for DAS Communications (Fergie, Sean Paul, Juicy J).  Through DAS I remixed international Superstar Prince Royce's "Darte Un Beso", which was released by Sony Music.
I continue to write music for television, and am currently involved in composing, arranging, and orchestrating an upcoming EDM broadway musical entitled "Social Life - The Musical".
I am the creator of Blank Canvas Music LLC. We provide production, recording, mixing, and songwriting services for artists and bands of all caliber's.
Sean Paul / Juicy J – Entertainment (Benjamin Blank Remix)

Sean Paul / Juicy J – Entertainment (Benjamin Blank Remix)

Official Remix of Sean Paul & Juicy J’s Hit single – Entertainment.  Feast your ears.

Maejor Ali feat. Justin Bieber / Juicy J – Lolly (Benjamin Blank Remix)

Official Benjamin Blank Remix – Maejor Ali feat. Justin Bieber & Juicy J – Entertainment


Take a journey to the realm of robot monsters, and epic battles are fought…  where alien invasion is not just a threat but inevitable! Enjoy this electronic soundscape set forth by Benjamin Blank.

Killer Mixtape

Check out Iron Solomon’s “Killer” Mixtape presented by DJ Green Lantern, featuring production by Benjamin Blank.

It’s Jo Holladay Mixtape

This is my mashup I made in the summer of 2004. Its a mix of some of the greatest hiphop tracks of all- time, mashed with the original tracks they sampled from.  I put this together as a showcase of the bridge from the old styles to the new.

The Team

Me and my talented team of collaborators:

Benjamin Blank (VNUS Trap) - Producer | Songwriter | Engineer

Iron Solomon (VNUS Trap) - Rapper | Producer | Songwriter

Jake Birch (VNUS Trap) - Producer | Composer | Engineer

Meredith Meyer (Young Unknowns) - Singer | Songwriter

Chris Myers - Singer | Songwriter

The Team (sepia)2

Benjamin Blank News


Prince Royce – Darte Un Beso (Benjamin Blank Remix) Available via Itunes Worldwide

My remix of Prince Royce’s “Darte Un Beso” is now available via iTunes.  “It’s my interpretation of his song in an EDM format, and has a hard drop section that will have you dancing like robot’s!!”  Check it out, buy it, and please support!  Spread the Word…

2013 / 10 / 01
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New Sean Paul, 2 Chainz, Juicy J – (Benjamin Blank Remix) Coming Soon

I just finished my version of Sean Paul, 2 Chainz, and Juicy J’s “Entertainment”.  Keep a look out for the release of this hard hitting Remix!  Think Dubstep meets reggae, meets hip hop, This one slaps!

2013 / 09 / 06
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KREACHR is here! The Mp3 version of the album is available for download via


If you would like to support my independent music, and purchase a high quality audio CD with full artwork and inserts, please contact me via my contacts page.

2012 / 12 / 11
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Final Mixing Session for “Kreachr”

Just finished the mixdowns on the final three tracks on “KREACHR” Jake Birch my mixing engineeer and executive producer on the album has this thing sounding great and I can’t wait for you all to hear it… a few minor tweaks, then off to the Mastering Lab… and at the latest by the end of next week it will be finished!

2012 / 11 / 27
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This Halloween – Iron Solomon: Killers feat. production by Benjamin Blank

Dj Green Lantern presents:  the new “KILLER” mixtape by Iron Solomon…. with 3 tracks produced by & all the scratches by yours truly… Benjamin Blank.  The highly anticipated new project from NYC emcee / producer (and battle rap MONSTER) Iron Solomon features 13 new tracks that explore the mind of a KILLER lyricist on a mission to push the boundaries of music. KILLER expresses the anger, frustration, pride and joy of a lost generation. KILLER features original production from Iron Solomon, Benjamin Blank, Gordon Voidwell and others. Guests include Saigon, Emilio Rojas, Joseph James of Agnostic Front, Meyhem Lauren and more! Be afraid.   Coming Soon… This Halloween.

2012 / 10 / 18
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